Where our message is headed.

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This picture says it all.

Our target audience is mainstream society, in every way. Front and centre. We do not want anyone to not hear our sustained conversation about the human body and our relationship with it.

We as humans have evolved with our naked, unclothed body for hundreds of thousands of years.

And although we are increasingly discarding barbarisms from past cultures, which honor the violent side of our survival design, we have a long way to go.

World peace is not exactly here yet.

It is time to adopt what is positive, and helpful, for our species’ evolution. One of those aspects is the non-violent freedom to live as we are born and evolved – nude – in all its consciously respectful, and non-harmful ways.

In order to achieve this we need to cut deep. It gets emotional. It even gets barbaric.

It’s a long road. But thing can change fast. Our new generation is more open-minded, more equipped, more informed and thus more willing to experiment than any generation before, and we now have a platform – the internet – to achieve social change (with victories like LGBTQ+ tolerance) at a speed never achieved in human history.

Look beyond the culture you live in. Look beyond the country, the decade, the century that you currently live in.

Look behind – and look beyond. See your place in that wide perspective of time and space.

Do you want to shape the future of humanity? Will you help us create a ROAR to make the world change for the better? Will you come out and start a conversation with your friends and family, and be the change you want to see in the world?

Join us, and get involved with us on social media. Get nude.

Let’s get real…about our bodies.

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  1. Bob Knows Reply

    Go for it. I try to do my little part in my own community.

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