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Welcome to the official blog for Nude Movement Media.

We will have posts from contributing editors around the globe covering politics of the body in the mainstream and news from our campaign as it happens.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Nude Movement Blog

  1. Gene Dare Reply

    I like this blog!

  2. hardboy Reply

    Beware about Facebook. Florida Young Naturists had their account(s) deleted repeatedly for having nothing more than an innocuous line drawing of the *rear* of an apparently nude couple standing and holding hands. Facebook is the new censor with their effective monopoly so whatever you post there could go away in seconds if some nitwit chooses. It’s the tyranny of the mob all over again.

    1. Gene Dare Reply

      I posted a photo of a guy in his underwear riding a bike and that got me 7 days in facebook prison. Another photo of a guy in a gstring and that got me 3 days in the facebook prison.

    2. Nude Movement Reply

      Yes we are aware of Facebook’s Community Standards. We are going to attempt to hold a protest and #NudeStrike against Facebook to show like the breastfeeding moms, that it’s time non-sexual nudity was allowed on Facebook. See here:


      Join our group in the link to show solidarity!

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